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I’m Dan. I’ve just finished studying for my English Language and Literature degree at the University of Reading. This blog started out as a place to keep track of what I have read and what my thoughts and opinions were of them at the time of first reading. Now I have finished you’ll probably see updates of what I have been up to, anything exciting that I have made and my thoughts on the latest books that I have read.

I like to both read and write so this is  a great outlet for me. I’m currently hoping to start a career in Publishing or Journalism. I support Reading FC and enjoy sports and going to the theatre.

At the moment, I write for the football magazine Shoot! and I was previously the News Editor at the University of Reading’s student newspaper, Spark*.

Thanks very much for visiting my page… I hope you enjoy it here!



  1. I really enjoyed your review of Tess of the D’Urberville’s. You make some really interesting comments. I was incredibly shocked when I first read this book and it made me frustrated and angry. I feel Angel was yet another person letting Tess down. In fact, I wanted Tess to dislike Angel for abandoning her. This is where Tess goes wrong in my opinion. On the other side, Alec was downright creepy, like a stalker and Tess had no real options. She is powerless until the end where her rage explodes in a murderous act. In a way Tess knows it will never end unless Alec is gone or she is dead.

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