Book Challenge 3

Finally I have battled through most of my work and I can focus on other things again. Unfortunately, it won’t be long until it starts up again and Easter will be here before I know it. Here’s the latest part of my book challenge…

Favourite male character

Fagin. Heathcliff. I just couldn’t choose between these two. They are just well constructed villains who you end up feeling sorry for!

Favourite female character

Briony. Tess Durbeyfield. Strong, imaginative creations. Each has a different role but definitely worthy protagonists of their respective novels.

Favourite quote from your favourite book

Oliver Twist: “Please Sir, I want some more.” Simple, effective, to the point. Do you need anything else in a book?

A book that disappointed you

North and South. Really thought that this book would finally have a strong female character that wouldn’t give in to her social surroundings…I was wrong. The ending changed the whole book for me.

Favourite book turned into a movie

Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. This started the whole series and I cannot think of anything else that could make the top of this list

Favourite romance book

Pride and Prejudice. Not my favourite type of book but this book definitely changed my opinion of this category, slightly.

Favourite book from your childhood

Warhorse. Loved this book as a child, I love it now and I think it’ll be one of those books that is carried through generations.



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