Goodnight Mr Tom

This is one of my favourite books, one of my favourite films and after last night it is now one of my favourite plays that I have seen too.

I went to see it with my family at the Phoenix Theatre in London and with a small set and a small cast I really feel that they overachieved with the outcome that they produced. It didn’t stray far from the book, just as the film doesn’t and with a little bit of imagination the two main sets that are used in the play are easily transformed into another whole little world.

This is by no means a complex story full of twists and turns and intricacies that you may normally find deep within a novel but in this case is does not matter at all. This novel is simple, the characters aren’t greatly developed and not a lot really happens at all. It is presented as a children’s book but its a powerful contrast of love, hope and sadness that puts this story on a completely different level.

Goodnight Mr Tom is the story of William Beech, an evacuee who is sent to live in the country with Mr Oakley, a man who prefers his own company. The child has been harshly beaten by his deranged mother and the novel processes the story of how the child comes to deal with it and the connection that forms between these two unlikely characters who go on to share a great friendship. Like William, Mr Tom also benefits from their loving connection as it gives him a reason to be happy again after his wife had died. It is this friendship that is so strong and powerful that cements the readers opinion that this novel is no ordinary one. I don’t want to spoil the main points in this book for those who haven’t read it but it is thoroughly worth the read and the film is rather good as well.

If you’ve never read the book, watched the film or seen the play then I advise you do so. Personally, you should probably try out all three … It’s that good! I love this story and I love the way it is constructed and that’s why it greatly deserves the solid 10/10 that I would rate it. Please go and read this if you never have but most importantly, enjoy it!

Goodnight Mr Tom



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