To Kindle, or not to Kindle

I’ve been considering this for a while. I love reading books and I know that this is a great step forward for technology. It seems easy enough to use but I’m not sure if I am willing to trade in the book for the screen just yet. Does anyone else have a Kindle or something similar? What do you think about them? Any advantages/disadvantages?



  1. I have an iPod with the Kindle app. I use it when I am riding the bus or taking a flight or going on vacation so that I can have something compact to carry. At home, though, I still read regular books. If I think I might like a book enough to want to keep a copy, I buy a regular book, because having a virtual book just isn’t the same thing. If I am just reading the book for momentary pleasure or it’s a new author, I put it on the iPod.

    I like how books smell and feel in my hand, and to be truthful, after I hold my iPod for awhile, it gets uncomfortable, as it is a little larger and heavier than a paperback. Of course, you could buy a smaller Kindle or other reader to take care of that problem.

    Of course, I use the iPod for other things, too, which is why I bought it in preference to a Kindle or other reader.

  2. I am using a kindle for almost 2 years now. It is especially convenient to have this awesome LED reading light for reading in bed at night. Also i appreciate the in-built dictionary features since i am a non-native english speaker. I really love my kindle, but i have to admit that i still buy paper books occasionally: those book i simply want to display on my shelf ;). I think especially for traveling alone buying a kindle is a good decision, it’s so lightweight and you can carry it everywhere, and you dont have to worry about battery power since it lasts for weeks or months

  3. I used my kindle a lot when I first bought it and wanted to avoid taking heavy books on my business trips. I love it’s portability – it easily fits into my handbag and you can read it in a public place like a park without ,looking too obvious. The iPad is a superior reading experience but is heavier. I still buy masses of real books though

  4. I have a Kindle Touch but I also use the Kindle app on my Ipad and my Android phone. Of these 3 though I use the Kindle Touch the most which is great. However it doesn’t have any sort of lighting so no reading in bed with the light off is a downside. I still buy plenty of paper books as I love their feel in my hands. So I am torn between both still….

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