Oliver Twist

Well, where do I even begin? This is my favourite book by one of my favourite authors. Dickens is a true inspiration, his style of writing is truly magnificent and Oliver Twist is one of the best things that he has ever written. As well as reading this book several times I have seen it in the West End and luckily for me this year it came up in my reading list and as you can probably tell, I was over the moon.

So, what is it that I like about Oliver Twist? There’s lots of things. I like the character development, I like the concept of good and evil and I like the level of intricacy that Dickens uses to make his plot come to life. Oliver is an innocent boy born into an unfortunate life and he spends the entirety of the novel struggling towards the destiny that Dickens has predetermined for him. His life is quite ugly and he encounters several evil people who betray him along the way. At the end of the novel, Dickens gives Oliver a happy ending by securing him a guardian and wealth and it is the first time that Oliver does not seem alone. Like most of Dickens great work, he is able to challenge the norms of society and places Oliver outside of his class.

Oliver is one of my favourite characters ever to come alive on a page but in this novel it is the character of Fagin that interests me most. He first appears to the reader in the form that looks like the Devil and it is from then on that we can identify that Fagin is arguably one of the most villainous characters ever to exist. He lives a life of sin and dies an appropriate death in the gallows and it is this image that is the most gives the most vivid feel of Dickens’ style of writing.

Sikes is another villainous character and every time he is just about to commit the murder of Nancy I can’t help but feeling that maybe this time he won’t do it. Obviously every time I am disappointed but it is the way that Dickens portrays the scene and evokes sympathy for Nancy that makes me think this regardless. Before I mentioned liking the little intricacies and twists and turns of the novel and I think that these clearly mirror the setting of the crazy labyrinths of the London streets.

Judging the book as a whole, it definitely deserves a 10/10 as it has a great plot, some great characters and a great style. I’ve just written my first essay of the term on this book and it reminded me of how superb it is in every way possible. This is a great read for anyone who hasn’t dared to read it yet and I thoroughly recommend it for everyone, enjoy!




  1. I totally agree about what you said about the intricacies of Dickens style, particular in all his wonderful characters. I loved sweet and innocent Oliver, but I also loved to hate the devious Fagin!

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